Friday, January 13, 2012

WK 2 - WS - Columns

I am continuing to break down the different columns that will be showcased on both the Spirit of Adventure Blog and Webseries.

The Disney Pantry (DP) - Cooking Disney Recipes At Home

Deconstructing Disney (DD) - Reviewing Disney Restaurants

Good Neighbor Restaurants (GNR) - Restaurants That Are Related To Disney or Downtown Disney Counterparts. For example: The Rainforest Café located in Downtown Disney is owned by the parent company Landry's. In my area they also own Bubba Gumps and Chart House. A more blatant example is outside of the Tiki Room is the Dole Stand which sells Dole Whips. At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk there is a Dole Stand that also sells Dole Whips. Comparing and contrasting.

Although this blog and vlog will both consist primarily of food information, there may eventually be other portions added including focuses on the Vinylmation craze. But at this time I think the first three are enough to worry about doing correctly at the beginning.

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