Thursday, January 12, 2012

WK 2 - WS - Homages To Disneyland TV Specials

Before heading to work I watched two more Disneyland TV Specials to continue giving me ideas for the web series. The 1983 Special Believe You Can... And You Can!. There is a special character introduced named J. Fauntenoy Chiffenrobe the CFPS (Chiffenrobe Fantasyland Problem Solver) of Disneyland. His job was to help solve any Fantasyland Problem which included showing construction photos, future plans, meeting with Fantasyland characters. It would be interesting to have a similar character that helps out for a different portion of the series then the restaurant reviews.

I also watched The Disneyland Story from 1990. 

My first surprise was the opening and closing music were selected portions of the Back To The Future theme, and they used the Disneyland Railroad as the train essentially from Back To The Future 3. I think having some throw backs would be very cool in the future like time traveling back to eat Barbecued Pineapple Ribs at the Tahitian Terrace or eating at the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant, with of course the help of some pixie dust. 

This was a very entertaining special, especially at the end where the list a variety of attractions viewers would be able to experience in the future at Disneyland that did not pan out. For instance Little Mermaid would open in 1993, it wouldn't be for another 18 years and across the way that we would get A Little Mermaid Attraction in 2011 at Disney's California Adventure. However if you want to see what the original dark ride would have looked like I think it's a Special Feature on the last Little Mermaid DVD Release.

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