Sunday, January 15, 2012

WK 3 - HM - Welcome to the After-LIFE

My girlfriend recently picked up the Haunted Mansion edition of The Game of Life for Christmas for me and Disney and Hasbro did a great job on this.

The games premise is based on you reaching your final destination and joining the other 999 Happy Haunts with the most screams generated along the way. In the beginning you choose to either attend the BOO-niversity or start a Scareer which effects which one of the Happy Haunts in the mansion you become. Did I mention the buildings in the game are glow in the dark plastic replicas of the Disney Haunted Mansions around the world. Even your ghosts (instead of people) that you place in Doombuggies instead of cars glow in the dark. Now if you don't want to know anymore, stop reading here because the rest will be filled with Spoilers about the game. 


The Happy Haunts You Can Play As Are:

Organist - 20,000 - 50,000 Screams - Scareer
Maid - 30,000 - 60,000 Screams - Scareer
Butler - 30,000 - 60,000 Screams - Scareer

Fortune Teller - 40,00 - 70,000 Screams - Scareer 
You also get a 5,000 Séance Fee when a "10" is spun

Ghost Writer - 40,000 - 70,000 Screams - BOO-niversity
Plumber - 50,000 - No Maximum Screams - Scareer
Librarian - 50,000 - 80,000 Screams -BOO-niversity
Opera Singer - 60,000 - No Maximum Screams - Scareer
Chef - 70,000 - 110,000 Screams - BOO-niversity
Veterinarian - 80,000 - 120,000 Screams - BOO-niversity
Architect - 90,000 - No Maximum Screams - BOO-niversity
Lawyer - 100,000 - No Maximum Screams - BOO-niversity

The Tombs You Can Rest In Peace Are:

Shoe Box - 80,000 Screams 
Pine Box - 100,000 Screams (Sells for 105,000 Screams) - Starter Tomb
Stone Vase - 120,000 Screams (Sells for 140,000 Screams) - Starter Tomb
Marble Urn - 180,000 Screams (Sells for 160,000 Screams) - Starter Tomb
Wood Coffin - 160,000 Screams (Sells for 180,000 Screams) - Starter Tomb
Sarcophagus - 180,000 Screams (Sells for 200,000 Screams) - Starter Tomb
Vault - 300,000 Screams - Tomb
Chamber - 400,000 Screams - Tomb
Garden - 500,000 Screams - Tomb
Crypt - 600,000 Screams - Tomb
Marble Tomb - 700,000 Screams - Tomb
Mausoleum - 800,000 Screams - Tomb

Ghosts of the Screams Currency

5,000 Screams - Sally Slater (the girl on the tight rope above the alligator)
10,000 Screams - Top of the 3 men sinking into quicksand
20,000 Screams - Constance Hatchaway / Abigail Patecleaver (on the tombstone above her husband)
50,000 Screams - Ambassador Alexander Nitrokoff (the man standing on the dynamite)
100,000 Screams - Master Gracey 

Ghostly Happenings You Will Run Into

Receive SKULL-ership.
Buy candelabras and tambourines.
Spooks arrive for a midnight spree. (LIFE)
Work at Scream Park Ghost Relations.
Head of the class. (LIFE)
Haunt Mardi Gras in New Orleans Square
SPRING WAKE in Florida! (LIFE)
TERM-inal paper due.
Earn a license to scare!
You insist on lagging behind.
Welcome to the After-LIFE
Adobe Eddit the bat from the Pet Cemetery (LIFE)
Meet your "soul" mater. (LIFE)
Your investment in quicksand sinks.
Make room for one more in your Doom Buggy. 
Learn to shriek and harmonize. (LIFE)
Attend a "death-day" party (LIFE)
Find a surprise in a hat box.
Materialize the disembodied!
Frighten the Grounds Keeper.
No time off for good behavior.
Take a ride in a horseless carriage.
Death Taxes due!
Buy a Starter Tomb (STOP)
Host a Scare Affair
Dead-End Job
Professional tomb cleaning.
Adobt Lilac the Skunk from the Pet Cemetery (LIFE)
Dis-obedience classes needed.
Pick up a hitchhiking ghost. (LIFE)
Enjoy a cup of tea with your mummy! (LIFE)
Win a BOO-ueaty contest!
Pick up two hitchhiking ghosts.
A night at the Opera.
Séance with Madame Leota (LIFE)
Communicate with the living (LIFE)
LAW SUIT Sue Another Spirit
Take a Night-mare class.
Buy drums and a bell.
Bestow spiritual guidance!
Join the dead poets society. (LIFE)
Attend Ghost Host seminar.
Install extra-creaky hinges in your crypt.
Visit patriarch Grandpa Marc.
Coffin talk with fellow spirits.
Adobt a Siamese-Siamese cat. (LIFE)
Visit brother Claude, he's beneath the sod. (LIFE)
Doom Buggy trip to Death Valley.
Great Caesar's ghost bequeaths a gift!
Commission a portrait.
Visit local haunts in Liberty Square. (LIFE)
New luggage for the hitchhiking ghosts.
Repair clock to strike 13.
Reserve the ballroom for a dinner party.
Having a good mourning!
Knight classes.
Take the Happy Haunts path
Engagement soiree for Constance and Frank
Attend a Ghostly retreat.
Replace safety bar for your Doom Buggy.
Learn to Socialize (LIFE)
Acquire a priceless first edition.
"X" marks the spot!
Prankish spirits detain your Doom Buggy.
Adobe a pet gargoyle (LIFE)
Happy haunts materialize. 
Upgrade to a Tomb (STOP)
Pipe organ transplant
Ghost-write a best selling book.
Ballroom dance lessons. 
Buy a raven.
Death Tax refund!
Grin Path or Grim Path
Anniversary present for Constance and George
Stock up on serpents, spiders, tail of a rat.
New Tombstones.
Push up daisies (LIFE)
Visit good old Fred (LIFE)
Redecorate your tomb to have a view.
Weird glows gleam! (LIFE)
Attend portrait gallery gala.
Meet Master Gracey (LIFE)
Tomb SWEET Tomb! (LIFE)
Make the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake.
Join the jamboree (LIFE)
Follow a foolish mortal home!
Have a tombstone re-DEAD-icated
Attend Ghost Host's Swinging Party.
Farewell... dearly departed
FINAL RESTING PLACE Choose New Orleans Square or Liberty Square

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